About us

The Design Business School is for creatives who want to make it in the design world.

We’re not born knowing how to weave creativity and business together and our extensive experience and insight into the design industry has shown that information and resources tailored to the needs of the creative business owner can be hard to find. The Design Business School is here to bridge the knowledge gap. 

Whether you are thinking about transforming your creativity into a design business or looking to expand into new, high-end markets our series of courses and guides are designed to meet you at your point of need.

The Design Business School stands on the values of:


We believe that business needn’t be a struggle and that being true to yourself, your values and how you treat others creates the alignment you need to show up and do your best work


We are dreamers and doers believing that the ability to dream, take chances, create things and find solutions enrich our worlds and our lives


By sharing our gifts and what we know we can equip others with the ability to build businesses with impact

The Design Business School is your guide to getting you to where you want to be.